ONCOLOGY MASSAGE ROCHESTER - Support for Mind, Body & Spirit Through Gentle Experienced Touch
Healthy Individual? Injured? Cancer patient?
General Benefits of Massage
  • calms sympathetic nervous system
  • increases blood and lymph circulation
  • improves muscle tone
  • reduces chronic pain
  • helps reduce the effects of stress
  • promotes better sleep
Massage to benefit side effects of injury
  • Supplements standard injury rehabilitation procedures
  • Helps the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissue and vital organs to promote faster healing of injured tissue
  • Your therapist can exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles
  • Lessens depression and anxiety associated with trauma and/or anesthesia
  • Massage therapy can help reduce postsurgery adhesions and swelling
  • Massage releases endorphins (your body's natural painkiller)

If you are coming for Injury Rehabilitation
If you have been injured, whether playing, working or in an automobile, massage therapy can assist your rehabilitative process.  I will work with you and your other health care providers to help the healing process move forward.  I accept No Fault on a case by case basis
Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Swedish massage uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles. It usually goes in the direction of blood flow toward the heart because there is an emphasis on stimulating the circulation of the blood through the soft tissues of the body.
Oil is usually used, which facilitates the stroking and kneading of the body, thereby stimulating metabolism and circulation. Its active and passive movements of the joints promote general relaxation, improve circulation and range of motion, and relieve muscle tension. Swedish massage is often given as a complete, full body technique, though sometimes only a part of the body is worked on.
Typical cost $45 - $70
Connective/Deep Tissue Therapy 
Receiving Connective Tissue Massage is a unique sensory experience, involves little use of oil.  The practitioner's contact is generally broad, slow, and intentional. This approach is intense but noninvasive, allowing clients to remain open to the work during the session.
Fascial shortening and restriction can be released almost instantly with the conscious touch of CTM, bringing an immediate and deep feeling of relief from tension. The sense of well-being which ensues can include more energy, increased breathing capacity, an enhanced self-awareness, and an appreciation of the body as an integrative whole, organized through its fascial matrix.
Receiving CTM in an area of chronic pain might at first cause some discomfort, as areas of tissue that have become shortened begin to stretch and release. Any initial sensitivity usually lessens within a few minutes, the fascial release is accomplished.
Typical cost $50 - $75
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